This list is a subset of trademarks owned and used by Intelligrated and its various subsidiary entities.

Because of the extensive number of products, services and technologies marketed by Intelligrated, only the most important common law marks are included in this list. If a mark is not listed on this page it does not mean that Intelligrated does not use the mark in commercial activities or that the product is not significant within its market.

Third parties and affiliates must explicitly acknowledge our ownership of these marks if they use them on their webpages, literature, etc. In no instance, can they inaccurately infer that they are the source of the goods represented by these marks or infer an affiliation with Intelligrated that does not exist.

The trademarks are listed in a text format. Certain of these trademarks are also registered or represented in a graphic form, including use with a distinctive design.

Trademarks followed by the ® symbol are registered by Intelligrated in the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. All other marks are trademarks or common law marks of Intelligrated.

Questions concerning this list or the use of Intelligrated trademarks should be directed to the Intelligrated Marketing Department at or by phone at 513.682.5850.

  • Accuglide™
  • Accumat®
  • Accuzone®
  • Alvey®
  • automation that delivers®
  • BOSS®
  • Buschman®
  • Casemat™
  • cL™
  • Dashboard™
  • Datria®
  • EASYpick®
  • EASYput™
  • E-Z Set™
  • FKI Logistex®
  • GoalPost®
  • GoKart™
  • IN-24X7®
  • InControlWare®
  • IntelliFlow™
  • Intelligrated®
  • Intelligrated Software®
  • Intelligrated Voice®
  • IntelliMerge®
  • IntelliQ®
  • IntelliSort®
  • IntelliStar™
  • I-Watch™
  • Knighted®
  • Knowledgebase™
  • LCM™
  • LEO®
  • Mathews®
  • Momentum™
  • NetLok™
  • OnTimeParts™
  • Palmat™
  • software intelligence that delivers®
  • Stearns®
  • Transitread®
  • UniSort®
  • Versa™
  • WCSplus®
  • xD™
  • xL™
  • ZoneFlex®