Voice solutions from Intelligrated provide multimodal, multilingual hands-free order fulfillment which can yield over 99.9 percent accuracy and up to 35 percent increase in productivity over manual operations across a range of mobility tasks. The intuitive system leverages the most powerful and advanced speech recognition technology to facilitate fast, accurate communication between employees and warehouse execution systems. Voice solutions seamlessly integrate with Intelligrated software or existing systems to drive increased efficiency in direct-to-consumer fulfillment, retail in-store replenishment and multichannel fulfillment.

  • Standards-based, non-proprietary multimodal technology provides broadest choice in mobile devices
  • Easiest training and support expedites user acceptance and increases labor flexibility
  • Most advanced speech recognition technology for optimized productivity
  • Future-proof adaptability and scalability to add a variety of fulfillment and mobility workflows

Voice solutions can automate a variety of mobile work tasks, including: