Intelligrated Voice solutions enable automated, hands-free order fulfillment to drive increased throughput and accuracy in e-commerce, retail in-store replenishment, 3PL and omnichannel fulfillment operations. Utilizing the industry’s most advanced speech recognition technology, Intelligrated Voice transforms fulfillment operations by automating a wide range of worker-to-goods tasks. Voice is as quick to deploy as it is easy to use, allowing for fast return on investment through rapid end user acceptance and unprecedented productivity improvements. So if you’re ready for more than 99.9 percent accuracy and up to a 45 percent increase in productivity compared to manual operations and legacy automation systems, unleash the power of Intelligrated Voice.

Intelligrated Voice delivers automated efficiencies to fulfillment operations:

  • Enables automated, hands-free and eyes-up, worker-to-goods picking and putting tasks
  • Supports simple to complex order picking workflows
  • Adapts to differing product priorities, from slow- to fast-moving items and variances in quantities
  • Performs a wide range of mobile work tasks beyond the four walls of the DC, such as: receiving, put-away, replenishment, inventory cycle counting, packing/loading and order traceability
  • Accelerates training and facilitates live remote coaching
  • Enables labor flexibility via quick ramp-up of part-time and temporary employees
  • Integrates with modern enterprise systems, such as WES, WMS or Intelligrated WES

Intelligrated Voice benefits

Compared to manual processes and legacy automation systems, Intelligrated Voice delivers transformative benefits to warehouse operations:

  • 99.9% order accuracy
  • Up to a 45% improvement in productivity
  • Avoids "lock-ins" of proprietary mobile devices or speech capabilities
  • Drops into existing processes without disruptions
  • Adapts to ever-changing fulfillment requirements
  • Rapid end user acceptance and site adoption
  • Blends with other automation technologies
  • Automates highly complex mobile tasks and workflows