Retail outlets are no longer immune to the demands of e-commerce order fulfillment. More consumers order online and pick up products at the nearest store, making the execution of in-store processes that ensure in-store order fulfillment more important than ever. To meet this emerging consumer preference, managers need to learn how to operate their stores more like distribution centers. Intelligrated Store Solutions combine advanced voice technology and Labor Management System (LMS) software to help retail outlets meet increasing service level expectations and omnichannel fulfillment challenges. Store Solutions enable retail outlets to quickly capture transactional data on labor-intensive receiving, staging, put-away, replenishment, picking and packing processes.

Intelligrated Store Solutions deliver the following results:

  • DC-like accuracy, efficiency and predictability
  • Voice-directed instruction of in-store tasks combined with LMS productivity benefits
  • Transactional data for all in-store processes
  • Improved fulfillment of online orders
  • Verification of inventory availability and location
  • Established labor standards, tracking of individual tasks and predictive labor planning