It’s no secret that labor ranks among the highest costs of operating a fulfillment center. Intelligrated's GoalPost® Labor Management Software (LMS) was designed to address this challenge by maximizing labor productivity and minimizing labor costs. GoalPost LMS delivers the on-demand intelligence to measure, manage and plan warehouse labor for increased productivity, efficiency and facility performance in distribution and manufacturing operations.

GoalPost LMS features dynamic and flexible reporting, analytics and executive dashboards to deliver continuous productivity improvements and reduce labor costs. GoalPost LMS equitably calculates incentive pay based on accurate worker performance evaluations, labor standards and built-in training curves. With GoalPost LMS, supervisors have the coaching and mentoring tools to improve both individual and overall facility performances, while gaining the operational insights to monitor labor and order fulfillment status in real time. GoalPost LMS provides a suite of user-friendly tools that enable enterprise-level strategic decision making to more efficiently manage productivity, quality, training, safety and overall facility performance.

LMS performance management modules include: