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Mobile Robotic Solutions Are Transforming DCs

Many distribution center (DC) operators already recognize that implementing automation is the key to staying competitive. The business case is clear: Labor continues to become harder to find and retain. Worker wages are going up. And consumer demand is growing for fast, low-cost (or more often, no-cost) shipping. 

What’s less obvious is where to begin. It can be challenging to determine which solution makes the most sense for your operation today, while being flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s needs. 

Together, all of these factors are driving one of the fastest-growing trends in warehouse automation: a revolution in mobile robotics. A new generation of automation is combining many of the same technologies that were developed for self-driving vehicles with deep expertise in logistics and materials handling. These practical and efficient robots are changing the industry by proving that warehouse automation doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated or take a lot of time to implement. 

Just how important is this trend? Our analysis of the market’s current and future needs, especially the explosion of e-commerce demand, suggests mobile robotics is a technology today’s DCs can’t afford to ignore. And as warehouse automation continues to become more cost-effective, mobile robots can offer increasingly attractive solutions to critical labor and efficiency challenges.

In our next On The Move webinar, Mobile Robotics in the Warehouse, we’ll help you determine if mobile robotic solutions are right for your operation. Join Matt Wicks, vice president of product development at Honeywell Intelligrated and a sitting member on the Robotic Industries Association board of directors, and Joe Lau, director of product marketing at Fetch Robotics on Tuesday, July 30 at 2 p.m. EDT for this informative, hour long briefing.

Attendees will learn:

  • How mobile robotic solutions are helping forward-thinking DCs meet the challenges of scarce labor, rising wage costs, and increasing consumer expectations
  • Which recent advances in technology have finally made mobile robotics viable in fast-changing, chaotic environments like today’s DCs, including computer vision, mapping, navigation, machine learning and AI 
  • How autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) provide a flexible solution that scales up and down quickly, with a low cost of entry
  • Platform-based solutions that reduce your costs while increasing the efficiency of conveyance and other common tasks through integration of barcode scanning with mobile robotics 
  • Strategies for robotic co-workers to partner with humans and voice technology systems to boost the performances of work cells, put walls and pick wall solutions
  • How an all-new mobile manipulation solution for truck, trailer and shipping container unloading is overcoming the limitations of traditional robotic arms
  • Safety considerations you’ll need to be aware of when working with mobile robots
  • Plus: How to get the most from mobile robotics and other automation solutions by leveraging more than a quarter-century of proven integration experience

Whatever the size of your operation, mobile innovations can offer your DC a variety of smart solutions to relieve common labor and productivity pressures. I hope you’ll join us to learn more. Register for the Mobile Robotics in the Warehouse webinar and mark your calendar for Tuesday, July 30.