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More Palletizing Flexibility - Hold the Hassle

SKU proliferation continues to drive change and innovation in virtually every part of the supply chain, in distribution centers and manufacturing operations alike. For palletizing operations, this spurs a need for greater adaptability as moving a more diverse product mix to more markets around the world dictates new package handling requirements, pallet types and pattern configurations. 

Making adjustments to account for these changes can be a cumbersome process, requiring complex programming and technical support. Even basic adjustments for product changeovers may require a service call or external software programs. 

But what if these adjustments didn't have to be so complicated?

Complexity takes time, an increasingly scarce resource for operations with high throughput goals and tight production timelines. And the challenge to find staff with the advanced skillsets necessary to execute palletizing changes is exacerbated by the well-documented talent gap facing supply chains.

These challenges call for simplicity. What if operations could take advantage of the palletizer's standard control system to make adjustments? Using the local human machine interface (HMI) can reduce the extra work and enable user-friendly, flexible adjustments of pattern and load configurations according to changing product dimensions, pallet types and other variables. 

Make adjustments a cinch and move into the fast lane

IntelliGen™ palletizing software comes integrated with the palletizing cell's standard control system and allows personnel to create pattern configurations with a simple drag-and-drop interface, greatly simplifying the introduction of new products or changes to existing SKUs. It also enables easier creation or modification of existing layer patterns by utilizing searchable templates. If case size changes slightly, or an extra layer or tier sheet needs to be added, the pattern and load configuration can be adjusted straight from the operator terminal - a far more efficient process than rebuilding from scratch. Making these new patterns and load configurations quickly and easily is critical to maintain tight schedules, keep output high and maximize efficiency. 

Any brand, any tool, any pattern

The IntelliGen platform offers wide-ranging compatibility across major robotic arm brands and a variety of end-effectors, including vacuum, clamps and bag tools. This reduces integration startup challenges, and produces an automated solution capable of handling everything from corrugate cases and plastic totes to bags. The software also supports advanced palletizing functionalities like row-forming, case-turning, partial row picks and multi-drops, all of which enable pattern flexibility - yielding higher throughput rates and maximum flexibility. 

The right combination to get ahead

This seemingly contradictory combination of expanded capability and simplicity is critical for successful palletizing in the warehouse and manufacturing environments. As an RIA-certified robot integrator and single-source provider with over 20 years of robotics experience, Honeywell Intelligrated brings the expertise and experience to provide material handling solutions tailored to operational challenges that deliver results. IntelliGen allows operations to focus on what they do best - protecting customer satisfaction and the bottom line. 

For more information on palletizing solutions designed for the challenges of today and tomorrow, read the Honeywell Intelligrated blog Picking the right pieces for a successful palletizing solution.