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New On The Move Webinar - Driving Labor Cost Savings Across the Store Network

It's estimated that 40 percent of all purchases today utilize more than one commerce channel. A common example of these channel-crossing orders is the "click and collect" method, where customers take an active role in fulfillment by ordering online and picking up products at the nearest retail outlet. In today's inter-connected commerce environments, there are a number of ways that a customer can place an order and expect to receive it. These channel-crossing orders require multiple touch points and place unprecedented demands on store labor, cutting into profit margins that can add up to significant losses across the network.

While these scenarios are playing out more frequently, many retail outlets are caught off-guard by customer expectations and struggle to maintain promised service levels. Meanwhile, the expectations of a standard online order continues to change, driven by e-commerce players, with two-day delivery quickly becoming the new norm and one- or same-day delivery representing a true priority order.

What this means to stores is that retailers not only have to be prepared to fulfill click and collect orders, but they will also likely have to contribute to the shipping process by fulfilling orders from the back room. It's a brave new world for retail outlets that are left to navigate this changing omnichannel landscape. To remain competitive and profitable, they will have to control labor costs and maximize workforce efficiencies at every point of the fulfillment process across the store network. 

In our next On The Move webinar, Jason Franklin, product manager of Intelligrated labor management software (LMS), will explain how the same processes used in warehouses and DCs to control labor costs can be as effective in the back rooms of retail outlets. On Tuesday, August 23 at 2 p.m. EDT, our sixth webinar in this series is targeted for business leaders who want to learn how LMS can drive cost savings throughout the store network. You'll learn how LMS helps stores achieve these efficiencies by: 

  • Helping outlets prepare for in-store order pickup and shipping
  • Driving labor cost savings through planning and execution monitoring
  • Meeting service level agreements and increasing throughput without adding labor
  • Establishing process predictability to operations through accurate forecasting
  • Employing more agile order-building processes

Register now to join Jason Franklin on Tuesday, August 23 at 2 p.m. EDT for this important discussion.