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Valentine's Day ode to conveyor and sortation

Intelligrated extends a special ode to under-appreciated material handling systems that ensure Valentine’s Day gifts reach the right person at the right time.

In DCs all over, behind the scenes
Systems move gifts for Kings and Queens
Conveyors and sorters directing orders
Ensuring fast shipments across all borders

Whether it's specialty chocolates or big shiny jewels
Each order has its own set of rules
Gift-wrap, special packaging and customization
Sliding shoes route each order without hesitation

With picking and value-added services complete
It's off to shipping with a hard deadline to meet
No one can afford any hitches or snags
Especially with cases, totes or polybags

But no matter the challenge and product mix
Solutions development cooks up the right fix
Gentle handling and precise accumulation
Ensure that no package sustains a mutation

With rollers, belts and advanced engineering
Each system moves orders without interfering
Integrated with packing, merges or shipping line
Everything's accounted for in one efficient design

So this Valentine’s Day filled with stress and worry
And fearful of significant other’s fury
Take a deep breath because everything’s on track
Conveyors and sorters have got your back