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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Operations and Solutions Development

Companies spend millions of dollars annually to design, build and operate distribution centers, warehouses and fulfillment operations. These operations will experience changes to their businesses that will impact their customers, peers and financial bottom lines. The challenge is identifying these change indicators early and addressing them… Read More

In today’s credit-strapped economy, squeezing greater performance out of existing infrastructure and equipment is a key DC management strategy. By optimizing the efficiency and utility of buildings, equipment and systems that have already been paid for, companies can realize bottom line-enhancing productivity gains without major capital… Read More

The Operations and Solutions Development (OSD) team is comprised of experienced engineers in the distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing sectors dedicated to making lasting improvements to warehouse automation system efficiencies. The OSD team provides data-driven, forward-thinking automation solutions designed to help leading companies… Read More

To grow profit margins in today’s competitive distribution and fulfillment market, distribution center (DC) operators must evaluate their processes and workflows frequently to ensure that they’re properly addressing ever-changing business requirements. For example, escalating e-commerce order volumes and SKU counts demand maximum process… Read More

Whether you need to solve a specific problem in an existing distribution center (DC) or design an entirely new facility from the ground up, Honeywell Intelligrated offers the most sophisticated simulation capabilities in the industry. This valuable consultative service minimizes your risk with exceptional degrees of reliability and… Read More