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The Connected Distribution Center

The pace of change in modern commerce is putting tremendous pressure on fulfillment operations. To stay competitive and protect profits, companies need solutions that help them achieve maximum throughput, day-to-day flexibility, future-proof scalability and intelligence to make informed decisions.

Combining machine-level sensors, smart… Read More

The Connected Distribution Center helps companies make the digital transformation to increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity.

Enable Predictive, Condition-based Maintenance in your Distribution Operations

The Connected Distribution Center enables a predictive approach to asset reliability, allowing DC operators to address critical issues before they happen, minimize unplanned downtime, and drive profitability across the enterprise.

Using connected, machine-… Read More

Increase Throughput to Drive Revenue Growth

In competitive distribution center and fulfillment operations, where even marginal utilization improvements can increase annual site revenues by potentially millions, The Connected Distribution Center uncovers hidden opportunities for throughput gains.

By monitoring all activities related to… Read More

Address DC Labor Challenges

DC operators know that finding, training and retaining qualified employees are among the most difficult operational challenges they face. According to estimates from the Bureau of Labor, the annual warehouse employee turnover rate is as high as 40 percent. Every time an employee walks off the job, DC operators not… Read More