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Third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the fulfillment sector face many of the same market challenges as their retail customers — and the growing shortage of available labor is at the top of this list. In the past, 3PLs have simply scaled up their workforce to meet service contracts. But to meet e-commerce requirements, they’ll need new strategies that aren’t as dependent on adding labor. As a result, many are accelerating their transitions to automation and digital technologies. 
Honeywell Intelligrated is excited to announce our participation in PACK EXPO, set to take place over September 23–25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center booth #C-3136.

Drive Performance, Productivity and Safety Improvements With Voice-Directed Workflows

For decades, voice technology has been used in order fulfillment and manufacturing operations to empower mobile workers and drive process improvements. Primarily used to automate inefficient picking processes and provide structure to maintenance and inspection (M&I) tasks, voice-directed technology delivers proven operational efficiencies and worker benefits, including:

ProMat From the Show Floor | DC Velocity

In case you missed our booth at ProMat, here’s a helpful recap of our latest voice recognition advancements. David Maloney with DC Velocity chatted with Honeywell Intelligrated’s own James Hendrickson at the ProMat Vocollect booth to discuss how our DC solutions can improve workforce productivity and accuracy. Our wireless and lightweight headsets seamlessly integrate with both iOS and Android devices. Learn more about our newest products including the market-leading Vocollect A700x that optimizes voice and scanning procedures.

While it’s a known fact that distribution centers (DC) utilize a sizable amount of automation, some estimates claim up to 80 percent of DC activities are still performed by manual labor. But facing persistent labor challenges and unrelenting e-commerce growth, many DC operators are augmenting their workforce with a variety of robotic solutions.

Robotic automation creates jobs

If your DC is ready to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, I invite you to visit Honeywell Intelligrated at the 2019 ProMat and Automate expos on April 8–11, at Chicago's McCormick Place. 

As the e-commerce landslide continues to pick up speed, many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for every advantage to level the playing field with their pure-play, e-commerce competition. This often means leveraging the physical footprints of their stores to enter the online fulfillment arena, either through click-and-collect or direct-to-consumer fulfillment offerings. 

Picking is one the more critical functions in modern distribution and fulfillment center operations. From manual paper-based processes to RF scanning, voice picking and pick-to-light automation, these methodologies are integral to order fulfillment workflows. To meet the throughput and accuracy demands of today’s high-density, high-velocity e-commerce environments, many distribution center (DC) managers are transitioning their manual picking processes to an automated option.

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