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Mobility is one of the key factors enabling robots to thrive in logistics environments as never before. While many technologies are changing the game in warehouse automation, mobility is on the front edge, making it possible for robots to deliver more capabilities, increase productivity, and relieve labor burdens — all while reducing costs. 
Today’s changing market offers many exciting opportunities for DCs that are able to keep pace. If you’re like most organizations in the business, however, a shortage of labor is probably one of the biggest challenges holding you back. 
Improved automation systems and promising revolutionary prototypes seem to pop up every week. Since 2012, investors have poured approximately $3 billion into new robotics projects — including everything from industrial automation to self-driving cars to surgery. But while automation theoretically appeals to distribution centers, many questions remain.

Science fiction often teases us with the technology of tomorrow, providing glimpses into what transportation, communication and work will look like for future generations. However, writers don’t always get it right. If they did, we would be driving flying hovercrafts on Mars, communicating telepathically and learning languages via brain implants.  

Suffice it to say, pop culture can propagate myths almost as well as it can predict the future. This is especially true for robotics, as the novelty of science fiction fades in favor of real solutions for routine work functions. 

Honeywell Intelligrated is about action, movement and expertise; there’s no better way to capture ideas in motion than video. That’s why we produce a wide range of videos and webinars to discuss our latest thinking and showcase our material handling technologies for the distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing industries. What follows is a summary of our top 10 most-viewed videos of 2018.

The first in a multi-part series, this blog focuses on factors that drive demand in distribution centers for more automation (i.e. labor challenges, e-commerce growth) and how robotics have evolved to offer greater capability.

Honeywell Intelligrated is pleased to announce the launch of a new content hub, featuring blogs, webinars and videos from our vast repository of subject matter expertise. is a free resource that is designed to be the material handling industry’s most robust information center. We’ve aggregated all our resource materials into one place so you can quickly access a wealth of knowledge and research the topics of most interest to you.  

Whether you’re a manufacturer, traditional retailer or a dedicated e-commerce retailer, keeping up with escalating order volumes and ever-increasing customer expectations is permanently fixed at the top of your company’s list of priorities. At the distribution center (DC) level, where service level agreements (SLAs) are often made or broken, DC operators are feeling the brunt of this unrelenting pressure.

The unrelenting pace of e-commerce growth is pushing traditional distribution centers (DCs) beyond the limits of their capabilities. In this competitive environment, rising consumer expectations, high order volumes, SKU proliferation and seasonal inventory changes have introduced unprecedented fulfillment complexities.

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