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Take a step back to December 2013. During the last shopping weekend before Christmas, <a href="" target="_blank">e-commerce sales jumped 37 percent from the year before</a>, challenging retailers and carriers to meet delivery… Read More

The months of November and December are more critical to your retail distribution center (DC) than any other time of the year. As consumers make a run on retail stores and websites in search of the perfect holiday gift, a lack of preparation can spell certain disaster for your operation. 

Order fulfillment has become more complex than… Read More

Attracting and retaining a productive, engaged workforce are two of the greatest challenges distribution center (DC) operators face. As previous generations continue to exit the labor pool, they leave a vacuum that's being filled by millennials who bring a unique set of values to the workplace. Employers must appeal to their desires for… Read More

With order fulfillment and replenishment activities accounting for up to 65 percent of total warehouse expenses, labor management software (LMS) proves invaluable in offsetting escalating labor costs. From increased efficiencies, accuracy and throughput to reductions in errors, training time and turnover, LMS repeatedly demonstrates its ability… Read More

Rising operating costs and omnichannel requirements are changing the retail store landscape. To improve profitability, retailers are seeking to improve the accuracy of inventory visibility, employ more agile order-building processes and drive labor cost savings across the store network through better planning and execution monitoring. Many… Read More