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FedEx Ground and UPS recently announced dimensional weight-based pricing changes for shipments measuring less than 3 cubic feet beginning in 2015. Dimensional weight is the theoretical weight of a package calculated at a density chosen by the parcel carrier. This method allows the parcel carrier to better equate the volume of space consumed on… Read More

Modern DC operators face a common dilemma: the space they need to meet omnichannel demands is running out. As direct-to-consumer order fulfillment has greatly expanded their logistical requirements, the physical constraints of their warehouses have them feeling boxed in. 

This episode explores vertical conveyor options available to… Read More

Applying the right level of automation plays a key role in driving maximum productivity for growth. Honeywell Intelligrated offers an extensive variety of conveyor equipment, software and controls to solve the most demanding throughput challenges.

Flexible options for case, tote and polybag handling are provided by a variety of… Read More

Nowhere to go but up? Vertical conveyor and sortation equipment is ideal for transporting totes and cartons within a compact warehouse footprint. You’ll get precise control and location tracking to keep product flowing smoothly and efficiently in any application that needs multiple elevation levels.

Vertical solutions are flexible… Read More

Sortation conveyors, software and controls are mission-critical components of today’s most efficient and productive automated material handling systems. With more than 100 years of experience, thousands of installations and numerous industry innovations, Honeywell Intelligrated is a recognized leader in sortation conveyors used in demanding e-… Read More