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The Many Uses of Shuttles Within a DC

Rick Graff, senior product manager, discusses the different uses of shuttles in a distribution center. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) help you move higher volumes of product and make the best possible use of valuable storage space. Powered by Honeywell Intelligrated’s innovative Momentum™ warehouse execution system, AS/RS are a key component of integrated systems that combine the right mix of automation, software and labor to optimize the productivity and throughput of unique operations.

Productivity Gains With LMS

Jason Franklin discusses the range of productivity gains possible through the implementation of labor management software (LMS). Throughput gains are defined by the handling characteristics of the actual product and the starting point of the workforce. LMS not only defines the performances of individuals, but it also provides coaching and incentives, monitors work consumption, and determines where labor would best be utilized.

For every 100 people earning $15/hour, a 10 percent performance improvement will result in $225,000 in annual operational savings.

The Connected Distribution Center - Overview

By connecting processes, workers and equipment within the DC and across the enterprise, companies have the power to make informed decisions, cut costs, and deliver the highest possible customer service levels.

The Connected Distribution Center supports a predictive, condition-based monitoring approach to asset management, helping retailers increase system reliability, reduce downtime incidents, and lower maintenance costs.

Defining the ROI of LMS

Jason Franklin explains how the ROI for labor management software (LMS) is very well-defined because the tool can measure your improvements. For a facility with 50 direct labor workers or more, the expected ROI is about eight months. After this point, throughput, productivity and visibility benefits can be seen in your bottom line. 

If your DC is ready to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, I invite you to visit Honeywell Intelligrated at the 2019 ProMat and Automate expos on April 8–11, at Chicago's McCormick Place. 

Creating Balance Within the DC

Retailers are constantly seeking ways to respond to increasing volumes and scale up the capabilities in their facilities. Creating balance within your DC can help delay the need for building a new facility. The Connected Distribution Center allows you to fully utilize your existing operations and manage increasing complexities.

To compete in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of e-commerce, modern distribution and fulfillment center operations are introducing increasing levels of automation. Too often these automated systems operate independently, performing very discrete tasks and processes.

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