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There's no doubt automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are powerful tools that optimize productivity and throughput capacity in distribution and fulfillment operations. Shuttle systems have emerged as the next generation of AS/RS technology due to their storage volume, speed, flexibility and scalable layout configurations. But what… Read More

The evolution of item picking in order fulfillment has taken giant steps toward automation in recent decades. Today's AS/RS, shuttle and robotics technologies have the potential to deliver revolutionary throughput advances. We are now in an e-commerce era where traditional fulfillment methodologies struggle to keep up with proliferating SKUs… Read More

Next week, Intelligrated heads to Atlanta, Georgia for MODEX 2016. Attendees will find Intelligrated solutions to maximize throughput, accuracy and ROI in booths #2747 and #2737 at "the greatest supply chain show on earth", April 4-7 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Intelligrated will feature several new technologies delivering… Read More

Honeywell Intelligrated is helping the world’s most important retailers, E-tailers and manufacturers, as well as post-and-parcel providers, deliver goods at unimaginable speeds, accuracies and scales.

A highly-flexible and efficient AS/RS, the Honeywell Intelligrated OLS system handles the widest variety of product types and largest carton sizes, making it ideal for operations with high-turn inventory storage and short order cycle times. Designed to scale with transactional and storage demands, the OLS system provides quick access to… Read More