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Robotic Unloader

Honeywell Robotics uses advanced vision-guided robotic technology, machine learning-based decision making and sophisticated AI — similar to that of driverless vehicles — combined with integrated controls and conveyors to automate the freight unloading process.

I recently participated in a Modern Materials Handling (MMH) webcast to discuss some of the findings from “The Impacts of e-Commerce, Fulfillment Challenges and Improvement Priorities,” Honeywell Intelligrated’s research collaboration with the Peerless Research Group.

In distribution and fulfillment center operations, utilization is typically defined in terms of getting the maximum capacity out of existing resources. With constant pressure to meet customer service level agreements (SLAs), increase throughput and protect profit margins, effective utilization is critical to running a successful e-commerce business. Unfortunately, many operators either don’t know where to begin or are unaware of existing opportunities to improve utilization in their DCs. 

Make Robotics a Reality in Your DC

In this webinar, our robotics expert Matt Wicks, VP, product development and sitting member of the Robotic Industries Association board of directors, shares how AI and machine learning enable robots to see better, think smarter and act faster.

Learn how startups, academia and integrated solutions providers serve the DC robotics market and what new robotic solutions are on the horizon to solve challenges in the distribution center.

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