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PACK EXPO Las Vegas is just weeks away! Although the event itself will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center over Sept. 23–25, there’s certainly plenty to do between trips back and forth from your hotel to the show floor. Plus, we don’t want you to miss key opportunities to network with other professionals and learn about the latest innovations for the packaging industry.
Honeywell Intelligrated is excited to announce our participation in PACK EXPO, set to take place over September 23–25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center booth #C-3136.
Many modern manufacturing environments are transitioning from separate, isolated “islands of automation” to more connected equipment, complete with cloud-based data storage and analytics which deliver powerful business insights. Such is the case with end-of-line palletizing equipment used in a variety of manufacturing applications, where increasing productivity demands and diverse packaging requirements necessitate more robust, adaptable and flexible features.
Palletizing is often the last process before products go out the door. The combination of robotic integration, software and auxiliary automation systems work together to create a palletizing solution that can have a profound ripple effect — setting up later supply chain processes for greater efficiency.
In manufacturing and warehouse facilities, palletizing operations are often overlooked when it comes to updating processes and equipment. Many businesses just don’t recognize the value that automated palletizing can bring to a business.

When evaluating palletizing equipment, you might ask: “how smart do palletizers really need to be?” Consider the following criteria: 

Science fiction often teases us with the technology of tomorrow, providing glimpses into what transportation, communication and work will look like for future generations. However, writers don’t always get it right. If they did, we would be driving flying hovercrafts on Mars, communicating telepathically and learning languages via brain implants.  

Suffice it to say, pop culture can propagate myths almost as well as it can predict the future. This is especially true for robotics, as the novelty of science fiction fades in favor of real solutions for routine work functions. 

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