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Lifecycle support services

Over the past few years it’s become clear that two main factors are having a large impact on distribution centers across the country: e-commerce growth and a shrinking qualified workforce. In fact, e-commerce accounted for nearly 10 percent of total sales altogether in 2018.
Conveyor systems are the critical arteries of distribution center (DC) operations, responsible for transporting materials from one process or location to the next.  Without them, processes can shut down, leading to unexpected delays in order fulfillment and inefficient use of labor. These delays can mean the difference between disappointing customers and winning repeat business or taking a loss, rather than making a profit.
Honeywell Intelligrated is bringing next-generation robotics, sortation solutions and lifecycle services to Parcel Forum, which will take place in Dallas from Oct. 28–30.
Honeywell Intelligrated is excited to announce our participation in PACK EXPO, set to take place over September 23–25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center booth #C-3136.
Extended downtime in distribution centers and manufacturing operations can cost thousands of dollars per hour. Waiting for a site visit from an engineer isn’t always a timely solution. Like most industries, distribution centers and manufacturing operations can find faster solutions in new technologies that once seemed impossible. Today’s cutting-edge technologies enable remote collaboration with 24/7/365 technical support to significantly reduce downtime.

Throughput, uptime and productivity are all performance attributes that can make or break distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing operations. If your DC is not hitting its daily targets in each of these areas, your customer service levels can suffer, labor costs can rise, and profits can quickly erode. To maximize performance in these areas, many companies are investing in proven technologies and installing new equipment or systems.

Augmented Reality Glasses: Save Money. Prevent Downtime.

Incorrect preventive maintenance will cause downtime situations. We have seen countless situations where customers say, “If you could only see what I’m looking at right now, would allow us to solve problems faster." By having augmented reality glasses on-site at customer facilities, we can actually see the problem and tell the technicians onsite how to address the issue. TechSight is an augmented reality solution where we’re really driving the “see what I see” aspect of technical support maintenance.

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