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Labor management

Take a step back to December 2013. During the last shopping weekend before Christmas, <a href="" target="_blank">e-commerce sales jumped 37 percent from the year before</a>, challenging retailers and carriers to meet delivery… Read More

Honeywell Intelligrated labor management expert Jason Franklin discusses maximizing workforce productivity at a time when the skilled labor pool is shrinking and service level expectations are on the rise.

Leverage labor management software (LMS) systems Incentivize performance to deliver increased productivity and accuracy Create an… Read More

Jason Franklin, product manager of labor management software (LMS) at Honeywell Intelligrated, discusses how to meet customer expectations and maximize workforce effectiveness by implementing DC-like processes in the store. You’ll learn how LMS solves these challenges by:

Helping outlets prepare for in-store order pickup and shipping… Read More

The evolution of business intelligence (BI) has brought visualization and self-directed data investigation to labor management software (LMS). While LMS may generate mass amounts of data, this information is only as good as its ability to present it in a matter that is easy to interpret. 

In this On The Move webinar, Jason Franklin,… Read More

Whether you’re running a distribution center or trying to integrate e-commerce fulfillment models in your retail network, labor management software (LMS) is an essential tool for increasing employee productivity and maintaining high customer service levels. GoalPost® LMS by Honeywell Intelligrated was designed to address the myriad challenges… Read More