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Purpose-built for Modern Retail Requirements

As the industry’s only clean-sheet approach to WES software, Momentum incorporates multiple warehouse functionalities into a common code base. Through seamless integration of sensors, controls, automation and orders, Momentum oversees DC activities to give you real-time order fulfillment status and greater visibility to in-process work.

Momentum offers exceptional configurability, stability and extensibility to help you run your operations the way you know best. Regardless of your current automation requirements or long-term objectives, Momentum allows you to boost productivity within your current operation while enabling you to scale to meet future demands.

And, with a central platform for running, coordinating and managing every aspect of your operations, Momentum equips your business with the intelligence to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Momentum is a revolution in e-commerce and omnichannel warehouse execution system software:

  • Deliberate, clean-sheet approach to WES
  • Standardized platform delivers stability and reduces customization complexities
  • Connects DC workflows for real-time status and increased visibility to in-process work
  • Purpose-built with functional modules that scale to your requirements
  • Flexible host and automation system integration protocols
  • Predictable upgrade paths and revision roll-outs
  • Simplifies operations by coordinating every aspect of the DC

Momentum benefits include:

  • Maximum fulfillment flexibility
  • Improved equipment and space utilization
  • Increased throughput and labor productivity
  • On-time shipments with improved order accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs and requirements
  • Shortened cycle times and faster deliveries
  • Fewer customer returns and complaints

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Request More Information

For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services, call 1.866.936.7300 to speak to a sales representative or click on the link.

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