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Man running Momentum Warehouse Execution System Software

Match the Speed of Commerce

At Honeywell Intelligrated, we understand that retailers share common challenges: shorter delivery windows and cycle times; more demanding service level agreements (SLAs); and an ever-increasing variety of SKUs, order profiles and seasonal demands. We also recognize that each fulfillment operation has very unique requirements, infrastructures and fulfillment workflows. Momentum provides the necessary flexibility to allow you to configure functionalities that align with your operational demands.

And, as labor shortages, costs and productivity challenges persist, many operators are introducing increasing levels of automation to meet online order volumes. Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of automation, Momentum is designed to remove the complexities of order fulfillment and match the speed of today’s commerce demands:

  • Incisive visibility to orders in process
  • Connectivity with host systems and fulfillment processes
  • Integration with disparate material handling equipment and automation systems
  • Real-time prioritization of work to meet demand

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Request More Information

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