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Store Solutions

Retail outlets are no longer immune to the demands of e-commerce order fulfillment. With more consumers seeking a “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS) transaction model, the execution of in-store order fulfillment processes is more important than ever. To meet the emerging consumer preference for click-and-collect ordering, traditional brick and mortar retailers need to learn how to operate their stores more like distribution centers (DCs).

Honeywell Intelligrated Store Solutions combine advanced voice picking technology and robust Labor Management System (LMS) software to help retailers meet the increasing service level expectations that come with omnichannel fulfillment. Whether your outlets are providing direct-to-consumer shipments or fulfilling BOPIS orders, our Store Solutions implement proven DC process efficiencies at the store level.

With Store Solutions, you’re able to quickly capture transactional data on all activities related to effective order fulfillment, including: labor-intensive receiving, staging, put-away, replenishment, picking and packing.

Store Solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Predictability — every function of the order fulfillment process can be tracked and measured to identify how long it takes to perform each task.
  • SLA success — the ability to meet SLAs is no longer in doubt. Predictability and voice-directed fulfillment activities result in guaranteed or shortened SLAs.
  • Labor efficiency — labor standards provide precise time allotments for specific tasks, eliminating the guesswork associated with determining how many workers are needed to run the store and fulfill orders.
  • BOPIS order fulfillment — ensure that customer orders are accurate — every time — by directing workers from order receipt to packing and shipping.
  • Inventory accuracy — take control of inventory from dock to shelf with system-driven receiving, staging and put-away; achieve DC-like inventory accuracy levels (more than 99.7 percent).
  • Improved customer experience — maintain customer interaction while managing the entire fulfillment process and complete tasks quicker — freeing up more time to devote to customer service.

Make a Successful Transition to Omnichannel Fulfillment

For years, traditional retailers have struggled to compete with the convenience and efficiency of leading e-commerce retailers. Now that some are starting to realize the potential of utilizing their store network as a competitive advantage, too often they encounter stumbling blocks to omnichannel fulfillment success. Inaccurate inventory levels, process unpredictability and a lack of visibility to labor effectiveness can result in missed SLAs, disappointed customers and missed opportunities.

What’s more, increasingly complex store processes can take their toll on the customer experience, pulling key customer service personnel away from their primary roles to help with order fulfillment.

Store Solutions is designed to help traditional retailers give their consumers the best of both worlds and deliver exceptional online and in-store shopping experiences. We’ll help you establish voice-directed picking processes and precise labor optimization to delight your customers and transform your store network into a true competitive differentiator.