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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Honeywell Robotics

Warehouse automation solutions from Honeywell Robotics deliver the speed, accuracy and efficiency to satisfy a broad and growing range of operational requirements for high-performance distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing operations. 

  • More than a quarter-century of experience providing single-source robotic solutions 
  • Certified by the Robotic Industries Association as a Certified Robot Integrator with a proven track record of meeting rigorous industry standards
  • Extensive knowledge of distribution center workflows to deliver long-lasting results

Combined with Honeywell Intelligrated’s unmatched warehouse integration expertise, innovative technologies and a strong universal control foundation enable you to fully reap the benefits of robotics in your operation.

From picking and singulation to unloading and depalletizing, you can choose from a broad portfolio of innovations designed specifically for distribution centers.

You’ll also find robotic solutions such as case palletizing and depalletizing, which were designed to solve challenges commonly faced by manufacturing operations. These solutions leverage robotics with specialized tooling to handle any operation’s most difficult palletizing challenges.

The heart of these powerful robotic solutions is the Honeywell Universal Robotic Controller (HURC), a common, cloud-based platform that drives rapid solution development, optimization and cross-application machine learning.

  • HURC provides processing power to handle high volumes of data in real time for faster perception and increased efficiency
  • Virtual environments allow for simulated concepting, testing and troubleshooting to bring the highest-performing solutions to your operation

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Request More Information

For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services, call 1.866.936.7300 to speak to a sales representative or click on the link.

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