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Robotic Unloader

Make Unloading Efficient and Automated

Advanced machine learning enables robotic unloaders to unload trucks, trailers and shipping containers fully autonomously while handling products with greater care.

Using a combination of a vacuum arm and a conveyor sweep system, these robots are capable of handling diverse case sizes and weights, even from trailers that haven’t been loaded with robots in mind. Products are discharged in a semi-singulated flow, improving the efficiency of downstream processes, and no fleet modifications are required.

  • Fully autonomous operation doesn’t require operator to remain on standby or direct the machine
  • Advanced machine learning allows the robot to work faster, handle products with greater care, and increase its own performance over time
  • Easy to integrate with your existing shipping infrastructure
  • Perception and decision-making improvements can be learned from or shared with other robots 
  • Multiply individual labor productivity with operators supervising multiple machines for consistently high throughput all shift long
  • Maximizes equipment utilization by traversing between dock doors 
  • Improves efficiency of other DC processes by discharging products in semi-singulated flow
  • Minimizes jams with a robust operating algorithm, integrated unscrambler and dynamic side guides 
  • Automated exception detection alerts operators to unexpected pallets, overweight items and other scenarios outside machine handling capability
  • Prevents problems before they occur — even between multiple sites — with sophisticated reporting, diagnostics and alerts
  • No advanced engineering skillsets required for supervising, operation and troubleshooting
  • Optional built-in connectivity for rapid remote support by Honeywell Robotics service personnel