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Robotic Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment

Robotic Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment

Palletizing and Depalletizing
Robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions allow you to automate the labor-intensive tasks of loading and unloading product. Your operation will be able to handle a broad range of product types and configurations, while increasing throughput, improving ergonomics and reducing operational costs.

Purpose-built robotic palletizer solutions support case, row or layer handling and enable quick line changeovers. As your business grows, solutions easily scale from a single robot to a large multi-arm system. Other features include:

  • Integrated machine controls 
  • Vision-guided robotic technology for depalletizing 
  • IntelliGen palletizing software enables easy creation and adjustment of layer patterns and load configurations — no service calls or complex external software is required.
  • Simulation software, for system feasibility, efficiency testing, training and troubleshooting

Stack and Wrap Robotic Palletizing Cell
The unique design of Honeywell Intelligrated’s stack and wrap robotic palletizing cell addresses the challenges of handling unstable products or operating with limited floor space.

This adaptable solution builds a predetermined unit load onto a pallet while incrementally stretch-wrapping it for increased stability and higher sustained throughput. Ideal for compact end-of-line processes, this system combines the palletizing cell, turntable stretch wrapper onto the same control system, allowing a single operator to monitor multiple functions.

This highly configurable, compact design features a wide range of end-of-arm tooling, and is compatible with many common wrapper suppliers. Combining palletizing and wrapping functions enables continuous production while reducing the amount of operator oversight required.

Tote Handling
Robotic systems from Honeywell Intelligrated can automate empty tote handling, as well as tote packing, unpacking, palletizing and depalletizing. Automating these processes with robotics simplifies and speeds fulfillment while using minimal floor space.