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Put Wall Order Consolidation

Put wall systems are an extremely effective means of order consolidation in high-velocity fulfillment and distribution centers dealing with an ever-expanding number and variety of product SKUs and order profiles. With more facilities forced to expand their operations to enable e-commerce fulfillment, direct-to-consumer (DTC) orders and store replenishment, put walls have proved indispensable in helping consolidate these disparate channels and achieve desired productivity and accuracy gains.

Honeywell Intelligrated offers not only the put wall hardware and warehouse execution system (WES) software needed to build these systems, but also the integration expertise to develop best-fit put wall systems for your specific fulfillment requirements. From manual to automated picking workflows, we can develop a put wall system that delivers maximum efficiencies in your operations.

Leveraging the power of Momentum™ WES software from Honeywell Intelligrated, our put wall systems enable high-velocity operations to fill dynamic order profiles quickly and accurately. Combining adjustable hardware, put-to-light devices and intelligent software, we’re enabling fulfillment centers the ability to adapt to changing order profiles by adjusting put wall shelf and cubby configurations as needed.

Put wall system advantages:

  • Ideal for multi-line orders with regular promotions, flash sales or seasonal specials
  • Enables efficient multichannel fulfillment of both mixed- and single-SKU orders
  • Software enables intelligent put and pack operations with real-time location information, adjustments and order allocation among wave, pick and put
  • Adjustable hardware and configuration software that enables cubby configuration flexibility
  • Flexible configurations for put-to-store, put-to-order and put-and-pass
  • Single-source solution combines software, put-to-light hardware, voice and automated conveyor systems
  • Light-directed fulfillment and put wall configurations designed for ergonomics and efficiency

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