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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Pallet Conveyor Systems

Honeywell Intelligrated offers a full line of standard and custom-designed accumulation and transportation pallet conveyor systems for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Available as stand-alone equipment or in a fully integrated material handling system, our durable pallet conveyor systems are built to deliver years of reliable, high-performance operation.

Honeywell Intelligrated pallet conveyors offer seamless interfacing with a variety of host systems to enable operational data, diagnostic reports and dynamic responses to changes in product flow. Backed by our total lifecycle support services, Honeywell Intelligrated pallet conveyor systems support 24X7 operation with maximum uptime and minimal maintenance requirements. Patented bolted construction and modular designs ensure robust, easy installations that integrate seamlessly with your existing pallet-handling equipment. 

Our extensive pallet conveyor solutions provide flexible, scalable options for virtually any pallet accumulation and transportation requirement:

  • Receiving — Move incoming pallets to the right place at the right time for unloading or storage of bulk goods 
  • Palletizing and depalletizing — Transport empty and full pallets into position for palletizing or depalletizing 
  • Load storage — Ensure efficient, stable pallet flow into and out of storage 
  • Outbound load staging — Accumulate pallets in proper sequence for outbound shipments 
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) — Direct stable and efficient pallet flow to and from dense automated storage 
  • Manufacturing — Ensure consistent, smooth flow for end-of-line stacking, labeling or stretch-wrapping operations