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Modular and Scalable Applications

As e-commerce fulfillment requirements become more complex and change from day to day, retailers need a technology platform that allows them to deploy new functionalities quickly and add new automation systems — without jeopardizing operational stability, getting locked into constraints or introducing security risks. Momentum software is designed to support an ever-expanding suite of modular applications (apps), allowing companies to scale rapidly to meet their next fulfillment challenge. This robust warehouse execution ecosystem delivers facility-wide orchestration, high availability to operation uptime, and industry-leading stability and security. 

Momentum’s scalable applications significantly reduce the engineering and operational costs often associated with deploying new features while minimizing implementation disruptions and timelines. From order management, routing, picking and capacity planning, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and labor, Momentum orchestrates every aspect of order fulfillment to streamline the execution of all critical warehouse functions. Key apps include:

  • Picking: leverage Honeywell Voice Guided Work Solutions to drive continuous warehouse productivity gains; ensure the most efficient pick path optimization
  • Order Prioritization: automatically prioritize order backlogs and intelligently release orders to meet aggressive SLAs
  • Routing: provide real-time routing intelligence to ensure that orders travel via the optimal path to avoid bottlenecks
  • Put-away and Replenish: gain more warehouse capacity with optimal slotting and smart storage optimization; balance slotting locations by considering outbound demand