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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services

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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services

Solutions by Function

Solutions by Function

Carton Identification

Honeywell Intelligrated laser barcode reading and accumulation conveyor technologies effectively identify and induct cartons, boxes, cases or polybags into inventory.

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Honeywell Intelligrated’s sortation and conveyor systems enable cross-docking, inbound case routing or conveyance of containers to pallet build locations.

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Order Consolidation & Kitting

Honeywell Intelligrated’s extensive expertise in order consolidation combines configurable put walls, reliable put-to-light technology and robust warehouse execution software.

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Palletizer & Depalletizer Applications

Honeywell Intelligrated offers a breadth of palletizing equipment, depalletizers and best-fit palletizing solutions backed by decades of industry know-how and deep application experience.

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Picking: Piece/Case/Pallet

Whether your fulfillment operations require piece, case or pallet picking, Honeywell Intelligrated offers RF, voice-directed, mobile and pick-to-light technologies for automated efficiencies.

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Honeywell Intelligrated provides solutions to streamline every step of receiving operations, from accumulation conveyors to automated truck unloading systems and warehouse execution systems.

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Honeywell Intelligrated utilizes proven picking technologies such as RF handheld scanners, pick-to-light and voice-directed picking to automate the accurate replenishment of picking locations.

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Sortation and conveyor systems from Honeywell Intelligrated are designed to keep shipping costs low, ensure timely delivery and maintain profitability.

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Sortation & Conveyor Systems

Honeywell Intelligrated provides the industry’s most robust and diverse sortation and conveyor systems for addressing today’s escalating commerce and manufacturing challenges.

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Storage & Buffering

Honeywell Intelligrated leverages automated storage and retrieval systems to develop best-fit storage and buffering solutions, regardless of your storage medium or facility’s footprint.

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