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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Operations & Solutions Development

The Operations & Solutions Development (OSD) team from Honeywell Intelligrated is comprised of experienced distribution and fulfillment engineers dedicated to making lasting improvements to material handling system efficiencies. Our manufacturing and distribution industry experts collaborate with customers to analyze and evaluate existing systems and conceptualize designs that maximize the effectiveness of distribution and order fulfillment operations. Our approach incorporates the key factors that make up a successful distribution, fulfillment and operational strategy, including:

  • Transportation costs
  • Global sourcing
  • Order cycle times
  • Delivery windows
  • Asset utilization
  • Order accuracy
  • Labor availability
  • Inventory pressures
  • Operational best practices

OSD offers collaborative system design services for single- or multi-site distribution networks. Each solution is tailored to our customers’ unique requirements — according to their specific manufacturing, wholesale, retail and e-commerce challenges — with the goal of equipping operations to address future marketplace demands. The Honeywell Intelligrated OSD team offers:

  • Conceptual designs
  • Operational and data analysis
  • Material, process and data flows
  • Technology assessments
  • Labor models
  • Conceptual models
  • Simulation models
  • Investment models
  • Business case development
  • Implementation and execution plans
  • Software functionality evaluations
  • Controls architectures
  • Integration plans
  • Post-implementation and startup support services
  • Operational assessments
  • Operational consulting
  • Operational and solution effectiveness evaluations

Design Build Services

Design Build Services offers a proven, structured approach to complete system design with a focus on helping clients achieve ROI quickly. Utilizing a single-source, data-driven project approach, Design Build Services delivers cost-effective strategies founded in proven distribution and fulfillment operational principles. The end result is a best-fit system optimized for flexibility and maximum performance. 

The “Design” phase of this approach features three core competencies that work together in harmony.

  1. Operational consulting. Our distribution and fulfillment professionals gain a clear understanding of your business needs and develop material handling strategies that give you a competitive edge, today and in the future. They analyze the operation, identify material flow challenges, translate the data into project requirements, ensure quality and service levels are met, and provide a solution that yields the best cost per piece shipped.
  2. Data/business analytics. Our team of data analysts ensures that every system design is driven by a descriptive and predictive evaluation of orders, inventory and receipt files. We use a proprietary library of tools to test the sensitivity of operational profiles against technologies for optimal performance. Our industrial engineers then analyze operator efficiencies and performance expectations while simulation analysts develop graphical models to evaluate the system design under real-world conditions.
  3. Solution development. For the last phase, OSD engineers apply the best mix of technologies to create an optimal system design, assessing a variety of factors: justification, efficiency, throughput, flexibility, material flow, operator performance and ergonomics. The final system is designed to help you succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

The typical design phase output includes: operational definition, data analysis, material/process flows, technology assessment, conceptual layouts, staffing model, business/justification case, implementation plans and investment model.

Design Build benefits

  • Risk mitigation from the efforts applied to data and operational analytics that drive and test the design to operational conditions, descriptive trends and predictive challenges
  • Lower overall project costs from single-source consulting, system design, engineering and implementation team members who work together to devise the best solution
  • Overall project schedule is improved with each team working in tandem to reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary steps and perform value-add functions
  • OSD team support helps expedite startup time, allowing clients to realize benefits faster and achieve ROI sooner
Design build

Operational Support Services

The Operational Support Services team is made up of skilled distribution and fulfillment industry professionals dedicated to improving material handling system performance. We take a collaborative approach to carefully evaluate your unique operations and uncover opportunities to improve overall system efficiency. This process takes place in four key phases:

1. Operational assessments. Thorough on-site evaluations of your operations give us an observational methodology to identify, discern, evaluate and apply. These one- to three-day assessments help clients better understand their current operations and identify areas of improvement. This process is guided by four primary questions:

  • Is each operational process adding value and performing to industry best practices?
  • How well is the operation sustaining material flow?
  • What are the operational shortcomings that could be introducing unnecessary costs?
  • Are the equipment assets being utilized to their fullest potential?

2. System startup support. System startup support helps clients establish sound operational practices, set the cadence, and put KPIs in place to drive optimal performance, even in the early stages of system operation. Our consultants and design professionals spend approximately three to five days on-site observing the system performance and coaching area, with a goal of answering four primary evaluation questions:

  • Is the system performing according to design expectations?
  • Are work queues able to maintain sustained process and material flow throughout?
  • Are there any deviations within the operational process from that of the original design intent?
  • Is the labor interfacing with the system achieving expected performance?

3. Peak season support. During peak season support, our team spends approximately three to five days on your site focused on enhancing customer satisfaction levels and maximizing your competitive advantage. This evaluation process is driven by four service-related questions:

  • Are service levels and order quality satisfying the customer?
  • Are the system and processes achieving peak design parameters?
  • Are order and SKU profiles consistent with design expectations?
  • What opportunities exist to improve cost per piece?

4. System simulation. Our skilled simulation professionals follow industry-accepted graphical tools within the early design phase of a project to develop “proof of concept” simulation models. These ensure that actual operational parameters and order profiles are used to test the sensitivity of the designed solution. This also includes the testing of random, simultaneous, real-world conditions that cannot otherwise be accurately calculated.

Operational Support Services

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