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Lifecycle Management

Today’s automated order fulfillment and distribution systems are tasked with operating faster and longer to meet the increased volume and speeds of consumer demands. Preventing downtime, optimizing efficiencies and maximizing the lifecycles of these automated systems requires the skillful execution of maintenance programs by teams that are proficient with the latest versions of software, systems and diagnostic techniques. 

To support these mission-critical efforts, Honeywell Intelligrated offers a full suite of lifecycle management (LCM) offerings from our expert Lifecycle Support Services (LSS) division. Featuring plans that give you the full breadth of management, resident maintenance and support services, our LCM suite delivers the following services to ensure maximum system health and optimization throughout the lifecycle:

  • Strategic assessments
  • Project management assistance for maintenance teams
  • Supplemental support to maximize productivity during key time periods
  • Full resident maintenance support provided by an on-site Honeywell Intelligrated team
  • The industry’s best lifecycle performance and uptime guarantee

Our comprehensive lifecycle management programs are designed to optimize system performance by focusing on technology upgrades, equipment modifications, maintenance programs, system assessments, spare parts and inventory strategies. By capturing historical data about system health, we’re able to analyze trends and be proactive about asset management and maintenance.

About Lifecycle Support Services
Honeywell Intelligrated Lifecycle Support Services takes a consultative approach to lifecycle management, delivering proactive, value-added solutions that reduce the risk of downtime and increase system longevity and dependability. The LSS team offers all the services, parts and support needed to keep systems running at peak efficiency. Through ongoing collaboration, we serve as a strategic partner to maximize your return on system investment.

Comprised of a dedicated LSS team of more than 500 employees in a national service network, we’re equipped to provide 24/7/365 support and make strategic recommendations that help you achieve your operational objectives. LSS ensures the optimal performance of automated systems and software throughout the lifecycle. 

Call 1.877.315.3400 for technical support and assistance with parts, field service, assessments, training, upgrades and modifications.

Services include:

  • Assessments
  • Parts
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Field service
  • Training
  • Technical support
Lifecycle Management text Lifecycle Management Text

Honeywell Intelligrated's LCM offers a suite of services to ensure maximum system health and optimization throughout the lifecycle.

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