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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Field Service

The Honeywell Intelligrated field service team is comprised of engineers, technicians and specialized experts backed by 24X7 multilingual technical support and access to Lifecycle Support Services through a network of national, regional and local service centers. Whether it’s a system start-up, equipment servicing, emergency response, assessments, predictive maintenance or in-house staff support, our customer-centric field service team provides you with a lifecycle management program that ensures maximum system utilization, extended life of equipment and minimized maintenance.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance service is designed to maximize system throughput by assuring reliable operation and prolonging the life of your material handling equipment. Our preventive maintenance approach utilizes a factory-trained engineer to assist customers in developing a customized, comprehensive maintenance plan to meet the production goals of their distribution centers. Field engineers collaborate with customers to fully understand maintenance goals, while certified assessors present a detailed system analysis and maintenance recommendations. Then, our field engineers can begin maintenance measures, ensuring all work meets factory specifications for optimized long-term operation, maximum efficiency and ROI.

  • Maintenance plans tailored to your equipment and operational needs
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Predictive maintenance routines to maximize asset life
  • Detailed service reports cataloged for future reference

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Repairs & Troubleshooting

We offer responsive field service through a service model that blends centrally managed support operations with strategically located technicians. This enables fast dispatching of the best technician for the job based on skillset, proximity and system knowledge. Technicians and engineers stationed in major cities and manufacturing hot spots bypass expensive travel and lodging costs, enabling them to arrive at facilities sooner to avoid or reduce downtime.

  • Fast, competent and knowledgeable technical solutions supported
  • Strategically located regional technicians reduce turnaround time and maintenance costs
  • After work is completed, Honeywell Intelligrated conducts analysis to minimize problem re-occurrence.

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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Honeywell Intelligrated maintains and implements a tailored computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to help maintenance and facility managers maximize asset lifecycles. Utilizing data within the CMMS allows for lifecycle management best practices to predict and prevent breakdowns, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtime, maximize inventory management and lower the total cost of maintenance.

  • Maintenance planning and labor scheduling improve utilization
  • CMMS and user training tailored to fit customer-specific business needs
  • Key performance indicators within the application provide real-time data to aid in daily work load scheduling
  • Work orders generated within the CMMS are scheduled and delegated to craft-specific technicians based upon scope of work and automated routing within the application
  • Featuring tools to track predictive and corrective tasks, projects are monitored from initiation to successful completion

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Standby Support

Regardless of the size of your facility, keeping a maintenance support crew staffed at 100% across all production and servicing periods can be a difficult task. Staff vacations, sick time and personal needs can leave a gap in the effective support of most critical systems. Our field service team provides skilled, experienced and qualified technicians to fill those openings whenever they arise.

  • Partnering with Honeywell Intelligrated to fill staff openings will keep maintenance on track and produce the needed results
  • Factory-trained and certified Honeywell Intelligrated technicians, experts in customer equipment, become an extension of client staff
  • Spend less time focused on filling short-term personnel needs and more time on operations

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Resident Maintenance

The lack of qualified tradespeople and service technicians with the expertise to maintain complex material handling systems is a growing problem in our industry. Honeywell Intelligrated addresses this issue with service offerings that put our certified technicians on-site as a full-time extension of a client’s staff. A dedicated on-site resource handles often overlooked maintenance functions which, helps extend the life of equipment and lowers total maintenance costs, while also maximizing system uptime and availability.

  • A resident maintenance program meets maintenance challenges and provides a predictable cost for throughput
  • The program includes: trained mechanical, electrical, controls and software technicians; stocked spare parts for fast repair; instant access to OEM resources and engineering assistance
  • A superior maintenance program that maximizes uptime and throughput

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