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Assessments are critical for any successful lifecycle management program. Regardless of system maturity, they help companies proactively evaluate overall system performance and health risks to prevent issues and preserve system uptime. Honeywell Intelligrated utilizes an expert assessment team that deploys a field-tested approach to gauge operational performance and conditions against established benchmarks. 

Every assessment includes the following services and deliverables:

  • Expert evaluation of major components and an overview report prior to leaving site
  • Follow-up, detailed report with a summary of findings, risk level for each major component and recommendations for improvement
  • Inspections certificate containing photos and measurement data (when applicable)
  • Recommendations for upgrades or product enhancements
  • Parts quote for replacement components
  • Discussions to ensure clear understanding of findings and recommendations


Reliability Assessments

Reliability assessments evaluate equipment’s operational condition and functionality levels.

  • Address a variety of technologies, such as: line and loop sorters, palletizers, conveyors and pick-to-light systems
  • Examine critical internal components in each equipment category
  • Perform root cause analysis and repair prioritization

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Safety Assessments

Safety assessments evaluate component conditions, plan for technological obsolescence and ensure safe work environments, including:

  • Leveraging thermographic imaging, current and voltage draw to identify potential electrical failure
  • Identifying obsolete components
  • Backup and recovery verification of critical components
  • Asset adherence to the latest OSHA and ANSI safety regulations

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Efficiency Assessments

Efficiency assessments review the effectiveness of maintenance programs and seek to optimize how well operators interface with MHE equipment.

  • Analysis of maintenance practices and recommendations for best-in-class asset management
  • Review effectiveness of maintenance automation tools: computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems
  • Assess system performance and detail steps needed to return to its original, as-designed condition while ensuring optimal system wear
  • Review and observe system operations and product flow
  • Identify system constraints versus operational expectations
  • Observation of equipment operator behaviors and performance

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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services, call 1.866.936.7300 to speak to a sales representative or click on the link.

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