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Assessments are critical for any successful lifecycle management program. Regardless of system maturity, they help companies proactively evaluate overall system performance and health risks to prevent issues and preserve system uptime. Honeywell Intelligrated utilizes an expert assessment team that deploys a field-tested approach to gauge operational performance and conditions against established benchmarks. 

Upon conclusion of an assessment, we provide a detailed health report — complete with photos, findings and estimates for all recommended repairs, replacements and upgrades.

Assessment services include:

  • System health — overview of entire system fitness to prioritize areas needing most improvement
  • Controls and electrical status — provides a snapshot of current state and recommendations to avoid downtime and manage obsolescence
  • Risk assessment — identifies areas and provides proven safety modifications that are validated by a third party
  • Parts management — performed by knowledgeable specialists to ensure the correct parts are on-site
  • Mechanical status — of conveyors, line sorters, tilt-tray, cross-belt, palletizers, pick-to-light and cranes
  • Maintenance management — analyzes current practices and recommends improvements

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