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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


24x7 Technical Support

Honeywell Intelligrated offers 24/7/365 technical support to connect you with our expert service engineers in real time. Our multilingual service team is equipped with remote access to troubleshoot, identify and respond to your issues with proven support solutions. IN-24X7® Technical Support provides the industry’s most robust suite of features, including:

  • Web-based incident management and project tracking through Honeywell Intelligrated’s customer service Dashboard™
  • Quick access to information on Honeywell Intelligrated material handling systems and software through Knowledgebase™
  • Access to technology repair services, technical support agreements, software maintenance contracts and per-incident support

Call 877.315.3400 for technical support and assistance with parts, field service, assessments, training, upgrades and modifications.

TechSight Video Collaboration

TechSight is a robust augmented reality solution that uses smart glasses. It enables remote video collaboration between your technicians and our expert service team for fast diagnosis and troubleshooting of critical issues. With TechSight, our support team can see exactly what your maintenance crews are dealing with in real time, eliminating both the communication limitations of a standard telephone call and the safety concerns with handheld devices.

TechSight enables:

  • Accurate diagnosis and decreased mean time to repair
  • Hands-free video collaboration with real-time document sharing and annotation
  • Expedited issue resolution without field service travel costs or delays
  • Improved labor efficiencies with real-time access to our service experts

TechSight is just part of Honeywell Intelligrated’s efforts to enable greater connectivity in DC operations and help our customers make the digital transformation. Through machine-level sensors, controllers and connected devices, we’re gathering data from key inputs and delivering vital information on asset health in real time. 

In connected infrastructures, DC’s can now streamline the entire maintenance task lifecycle — from issue detection to response and resolution with advanced diagnostics, Honeywell Voice and augmented reality technology.



Available to Honeywell Intelligrated customers with active technical support contracts, Dashboard is a comprehensive online customer service and support web portal that provides visibility to the service interactions with our support team. Users can subscribe to view real-time support incident notifications, access project-specific, as-built documentation, order genuine OEM parts from OnTimeParts™, request technology repairs, and review support and order histories.

Click here to access Dashboard.


As part of the Honeywell Intelligrated customer service Dashboard, Knowledgebase provides customers with quick access to general information and tips concerning Honeywell Intelligrated material handling systems, software and procedures. Knowledgebase gives you easy access to system troubleshooting suggestions, maintenance procedures, component information and identification, part number changes, technical service bulletins and safety information.

Click here to access Knowledgebase.

Technology Repair Services

Our dedicated electronics and computer repair lab provides extensive repair services for a variety of equipment, including:

  • Order fulfillment controllers and interface boards
  • PC-based controllers
  • Conveyor and sortation control system servers
  • Integrated sort devices (ISD cartridge)

The repair lab also has the capabilities to fabricate custom cables for both replacement and retrofit projects. It features a programming service to load custom firmware and site-specific programs into industry standard field devices such as I/O interface boards, touch-panels and PLCs.

In addition, we offer free, in-house bench testing and diagnostic services for authorized returns, where clients can receive a quote for repairs without incurring any upfront costs. Repair requests, status updates and histories are also available within a user-accessible section of Dashboard, providing convenient access to repair information.

Technical Support Agreements

Honeywell Intelligrated offers technical support agreements to ensure priority responses to any issues and unlimited access to the following:

  • Customer service Dashboard
  • Historical reporting capabilities
  • Expert customer service engineers with secure remote access to thoroughly diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise 

We highly recommend technical support agreements to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and shorten repair time, potentially saving operations thousands of dollars per minute.

Per-incident Support

Customers without a technical support agreement can still call our IN-24X7 technical support hotline as needed for direct access to specialized resources and immediate support in emergency situations.

Software Maintenance Contracts

Software maintenance contracts are available for customers who have knowledgeable mechanical maintenance personnel on-site, but still need additional assistance to troubleshoot software issues. Honeywell Intelligrated offers software maintenance contracts that provide comprehensive software support when needed.

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Request More Information

For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services, call 1.866.936.7300 to speak to a sales representative or click on the link.

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