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Lifecycle Support Services from Honeywell Intelligrated provide all the services, parts and support needed to keep systems running at peak efficiency.


Lifecycle Support Services

Flexible Lifecycle Management Programs Guarantee Peak Efficiency

The technology of the supply chain is changing, and so are customers’ expectations. To stay competitive and meet increasingly demanding standards of order fulfillment, supply chain leaders are replacing passive and transactional approaches to lifecycle management and maintenance operations. A new standard of proactive programs is emerging to minimize unplanned downtime, optimize maintenance, shorten intervention times, and prevent disruptions before they occur.

Honeywell Intelligrated Lifecycle Support Services is leading this new approach to lifecycle management. We’re combining innovative, data-driven technology and industry expertise to provide all the services, parts and support you need to keep your material handling systems and operations running at peak efficiency.

With Lifecycle Support Services, you can build a lifecycle management program tailored to your specific competencies. Our goals are to help you reduce your capital and operational costs, meet growing demands for increased volume, boost your speed and uptime, maximize your investment, and create more predictable budget forecasts. Through ongoing collaboration, we serve as a strategic partner to maximize your return on system investment.

Harness the Power of the Data You Already Have

Lifecycle Support Services provides enhanced operational visibility and access to supplementary services — such as innovation assessments and engineered solutions — which drive key productivity metrics. You can leverage this intelligence to:

  • Gain data-driven, operational insights that can be implemented in real time during production
  • Reduce unplanned events to meet production targets and avoid costly heroics
  • Maximize productivity by balancing the entire supply chain within the distribution center
  • Lower operating costs, such as energy consumption and transportation expenditures
  • Improve labor optimization and retention

Choose From Multiple Engagement Models

Whether it’s simply a matter of hitting your daily throughput targets, maximizing labor productivity, or increasing annual profits, you have defined critical business objectives you need to meet around the clock.

Achieving these goals requires the ability to address nine fundamental building blocks of operational success. Whether you choose to manage these responsibilities yourself or partner with the Lifecycle Support Services team, each of the following must be present to achieve your critical business outcomes:

  • Data visualization and analytics — Delivering real-time production insights by harnessing the power of data
  • Resident technicians and supervisors — Ensuring smooth, reliable operations with an on-site staff of qualified technicians
  • Spare parts management — Enables efficient, proactive and corrective maintenance with a robust parts management program
  • 24/7/365 technical support — Speeds troubleshooting and repairs with expert OEM support
  • Technical advisors — Deep facility and equipment expertise identifies the best response to equipment or technical issues
  • Field engineers — Back up your on-site staff with a corps of field engineers capable of accelerating planned maintenance or identifying system flaws
  • Asset management assessments — Efficiently plan modifications, upgrades and obsolescence by evaluating equipment and operational performance
  • Engineering excellence — Ensure proper implementation of new strategies and technologies with a dedicated team of engineers
  • Training — Enhance your existing technicians’ skillsets while aiding recruitment

To support your mission-critical efforts, Lifecycle Support Services draws from a spectrum of services to offer multiple engagement models tailored to your business, culture and strategy. We utilize a consultative and holistic approach to help you achieve your critical outcomes while you focus on your core business — even if your goal is 99.9 percent uptime. Typical engagement models include:

Guaranteeing Critical Business Outcomes

Lifecycle Support Services can take complete ownership of lifecycle management via a contractual agreement designed to achieve your defined critical business outcomes. This approach is ideal if your organization prefers to completely outsource its lifecycle management activities.

Collaborative Model

We can apply any combination of solutions in a contractual agreement designed to complement your existing resources and integrate them into your lifecycle management strategy. This approach benefits companies seeking to achieve critical business outcomes by augmenting in-house lifecycle management and fulfillment capabilities.

Transactional Services

We also provide purely transactional engagement models for companies that simply need to procure specific services from our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. This model also allows you to explore our capabilities and expand your partnership over time.

24/7 Technical Support icon

24x7 Technical Support

When you require diagnostics to minimize downtime, we offer hassle-free access to our expert engineers for fast restoration of full functionality.

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Connected Services and Operational Excellence  icon

Connected Services and Operational Excellence

In connected infrastructures, DCs can now streamline the entire maintenance task lifecycle — from issue detection to response and resolution.

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Engineering Services icon

Engineering Services

Engineered Solutions allows you to put the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts to work on your specific fulfillment problem, scenario or upgrade — before you make a big investment in equipment or technology.

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Field Service icon

Field Service

Gain access to expert, regionally based field service technicians to keep mission-critical business equipment properly maintained and repaired.

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Remote Services Icon

Remote Services

Regardless of your preferred connection method, TechSight enables remote collaboration between your technicians and our expert service team for rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting of critical issues.

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Resident Services

Resident Services

A resident maintenance program meets maintenance challenges and provides a predictable cost for throughput.

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Operations & Solutions icon

Solutions Development & Consulting

Operations and Solutions Development provides collaborative system design and optimization services for companies driving performance improvements.

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Spare Parts icon

Spare Parts

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive material handling parts procurement website, backed by a world-class parts fulfillment operation and support services delivered by knowledgeable part specialists.

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System Design & Implementation icon

System Design & Implementation

Honeywell Intelligrated draws on extensive industry expertise to design, manufacture, implement and install robust material handling solutions.

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Training icon


Our training programs cover everything from general safety and material handling system operation to maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting.

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