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Solve Loading Dock Challenges With Robotic Unloading

Robotic Unloader

Distribution and fulfillment (D&F) centers experience high turnover rates in positions that include repetitive and monotonous work. Loading and unloading is no exception. The continuous lifting and twisting movements tire staff quickly, leading to low productivity rates which ripple throughout the rest of your operation. Facing strict service level agreements (SLAs) and the constant need to meet consumer expectations within tight delivery windows, distribution center (DC) operators must make the best use of their workforce and integrate solutions that increase productivity and help better manage their labor pool.

Robotic loading and unloading solutions not only keep workers from monotonous tasks in often unsavory conditions but increase accuracy and productivity for a task that is vital to meeting service level and consumer expectations. This robotic solution offers speed and accuracy for the supply chain that manual labor simply cannot match. Although there have been attempts at automated loading and unloading solutions for warehouses in the past, they often still need some level of human engagement that could be better used in other areas of the warehouse.

Honeywell Intelligrated offers robotic warehouse solutions for loading and unloading that help DCs meet deadlines, increase accuracy, and place manual labor where it can be better utilized. New robotic technology is well-equipped to handle the variety of package sizes and types that DCs pack and transport. With each use, historical data is analyzed and stored for machine learning, and adjustments can be made at any time for continuous optimization.

This white paper examines the specific labor, operational and technological challenges on the loading docks of DCs, and introduces a new solution to help deliver the performance modern supply chains require.

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