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Using business intelligence to improve your labor force

Man in warehouse using tablet

The evolution of business intelligence (BI) has brought visualization and self-directed data investigation to labor management software (LMS). While LMS may generate mass amounts of data, this information is only as good as its ability to present it in a matter that is easy to interpret. 

In this On The Move webinar, Jason Franklin, Honeywell Intelligrated Software's’s product manager of labor and business intelligence, discusses the potential for using BI in LMS applications. The webinar focuses on case study examples and shows how BI is used to investigate and uncover what’s typically unseen data. Jason demonstrates this capability with common labor scenarios that can help organizations improve their labor pool’s performance. 

Attendees will learn to:

Better optimize temporary labor resources
Identify top performers and transfer their knowledge to others
Improve labor planning processes through better planning and execution
Predict and prepare in advance for daily throughput peaks

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