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Retail trends for 2017 and beyond

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Honeywell Intelligrated reports on the state of e-commerce and other key retail trends in this episode of our On The Move webinar series. Hosted by Jerry Koch, Honeywell Intelligrated’s vice president, product management, the webinar discusses how the increasing complexity of the flow of goods is creating a disruption in traditional retailer supply chains. Jerry examines the near- and long-term implications of the latest trend data, including:

From 2013–2018, online growth is projected to outpace non-web growth: 13% vs. 3%
2015 e-commerce sales grew 14.6% to $341B; projected to eclipse $530B by 2020
Omnichannel consumers are driving the investment in fulfillment operations by brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers
Retail and manufacturing distribution strategies are evolving to serve consumers in population centers (megacities) 

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