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Goodbye cartons, hello polybags

Polybag on sortation conveyor

The explosive growth in e-commerce has changed the packaging methods used to send goods from manufacturers to consumers. As a result, direct-to-consumer orders are more frequently being shipped in polybags than ever before. This shift has far-reaching implications to the industry and is quickly redefining material handling systems, processes and technologies. Tim Kraus, Honeywell Intelligrated product management manager, explores the drivers behind this shift, explains what exactly is changing, and provides strategies to help make the transition.  

The following topics are covered:

How the desire to reduce shipping costs is leading to further adoption of polybags
Why the pliable nature of polybags creates challenges for traditional material handling systems
How singulated systems compare to bulk handling in terms of total fulfillment costs
How appropriate system design, material handling equipment and devices can solve these challenges

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