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Concerns about changing order profiles? 'Put' them to rest!

Man with headset on working at put wall

Widely varying order profiles and the proliferation of SKUs are driving up order fulfillment complexities. To address these challenges, many fulfillment centers are increasing the use of automated systems in strategic areas of the facility and in picking, sortation and putting processes. Regardless of the picking and sortation method used, put walls are becoming an indispensable tool for adapting to modern fulfillment demands and providing efficient order consolidation.

This webinar explores the increasing use of put walls in omnichannel fulfillment centers. Doug Mefford, product manager of Honeywell Intelligrated’s software division, will head up this timely discussion. With two decades of hands-on experience in driving throughput and accuracy in warehouse workflows and automation technologies, Doug will explain how put walls are improving order fulfillment productivity. 

Attendees will learn:

The emerging role of the put wall and its order consolidation benefits
Several key scenarios where put walls are effective
How to recognize when order volume thresholds warrant put wall integration
Why the need for flexibility led to new put wall hardware and software that enables user-driven customization

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