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Honeywell Integrates Asset Monitoring Capabilities to its Connected Distribution Center Offering

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  • Industrial Internet of Things solution helps bring real-time asset monitoring, historical trends and predictive analytics to warehousing operations

FORT MILL, S.C., April 9, 2019 -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that it is bringing the Industrial Internet of Things to distribution centers through its Connected Assets offering, which helps minimize unplanned downtime and maximize throughput for automated material handling operations. 

A part of The Connected Distribution Center from Honeywell Intelligrated, Connected Assets allows distribution center managers and operators to turn data into actionable information, providing them with specific details about the status of their material handling equipment, such as sortation systems. The solution gathers real-time information from control systems and machine-level sensors to provide vital insights about the health and performance of the assets and overall facility performance.

“Many distribution and fulfillment centers today struggle with repetitive issues inside their facilities. Too often, they are not capturing and properly analyzing equipment performance data, which makes it difficult to identify trends over an extended period and take corrective action,” said Eric Rice, principal product manager for IIoT applications with Honeywell Intelligrated. “With Connected Assets, companies can detect and predict risks and opportunities with asset-centric advanced analytics, which can help reduce downtime by identifying a potential issue before it becomes a problem.”

Sensors embedded at key points of a sortation system can monitor equipment performance and trending insights, including the temperature and vibration of motor gearboxes, electricity consumed by control panels and overall facility temperature and humidity.

As Connected Assets accumulates this data, the platform can develop trending information on performance and asset health, allowing distribution center managers and operators to use these real-time insights to preempt and predict equipment failures and drive process efficiencies.

“For example, one distribution center customer using Connected Assets was alerted to an increased motor vibration in their sortation system, enabling them to immediately service the equipment before it led to unplanned downtime,” said Rice. “Another customer was alerted to increasing no-read rates from scanners on their outbound system. This helped them identify a faulty label printer, which was quickly replaced.

Connected Assets leverages Honeywell’s Uniformance® Suite, a cloud-based platform designed to enable smart operations by giving actionable insights from data. Uniformance is an established platform used by Honeywell customers in the oil and gas industry, and has been adapted for automated material handling systems to enable distribution center customers to make more informed operational decisions.

Honeywell Intelligrated will display Connected Assets at its booth (S618a) at ProMat 2019 from April 8 -11. For more information, visit

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