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Unwrap Our 5 Most Popular Topics in 2019

Unwrap Our 5 Most Popular Topics in 2019

   Tracy Niehaus

Unwrap Our 5 Most Popular Topics in 2019

We’ve gathered our top 10 blogs and videos from 2019, centered around five of the industry’s most popular topics. Read on below, and thanks for interacting with us this past year.

  1. The Power of Connecting Your Assets

    The e-commerce explosion has led to unprecedented changes in distribution and fulfillment operations. To face these challenges, businesses need to leverage next-generation technologies effectively. Connecting your DC’s assets presents a low-risk first step in your digital transformation journey. Asset management and predictive maintenance yield both immediate and long-term benefits, including boosted productivity, decreased downtime, lower handling costs and more. Learn how you can explore these first digital transformation steps with our blog “Not a Fan of Fulfillment Surprises? Connect Your Assets”. Check out our Connected Assets video for a further demonstration of these solutions.

  2. Leading the Robotics Revolution

    The case for robotic automation in the DC is as strong as it’s ever been. Significant advances in robotic unloading, each picking, palletizing, sorter induction and more have enabled high performance in dynamic, unstructured environments across a wide range of industries. These new technologies — combined with our strategic partnerships with the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Fetch Robotics and Soft Robotics Inc. as well as our powerful Honeywell Universal Robotic Control (HURC) cloud-based platform — help us work with customers to supplement the labor gap with robotics. Learn more in our blog “The Evolution of Robotic Automation”. For additional information, watch our video.

  3. Bringing Precise Mobility to Chaotic Warehouses

    Today’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) offer levels of flexibility and autonomy that were considered unthinkable just a few years ago. As operators continue to battle an ongoing labor shortage, AMRs serve as a key labor augmentation tool that frees up your workforce to begin less mundane tasks. Furthermore, today’s AMRs can be deployed in just a few hours with no need for infrastructure changes. For a full breakdown of how AMRs can revolutionize mobility in your DC, read our blog “Mobility Helps Robots Thrive in Chaotic Warehouses” and watch our video.

  4. Advancing the “See What I See” Aspect of Maintenance

    We’re working to eliminate the monotonous (and costly) process of describing equipment failure over a telephone, only to have to wait for a technician to arrive and actually¬ diagnose your issues — all while downtime chips away at your bottom line. TechSight enables hands-free video collaboration with real-time document sharing and annotation, expediting the maintenance process and keeping your operations running optimally. Learn the full breadth of the solution in our blog “Smart Glasses: More Than Just a Second Set of Eyes”. For more information, watch our video on how augmented reality can improve operations in your DC.

  5. Sending Shuttles to Solve Common DC Challenges

    Also known as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), shuttle systems are a flexible solution for DC operators looking to move higher volumes of product and make the best possible use of valuable storage space. AS/RS deliver focused, high-powered automation to optimize productivity and throughput in fulfillment operations, reduce inaccurate picking, and help save on building and expansion costs. To learn all the ways in which AS/RS can benefit your operations, make sure to read our blog “Shuttles Deliver Goods-to-Operator Efficiencies”. Check out our video on the many uses of shuttles within a DC.

We’ll be back in 2020 with more thought leadership material centered around your needs. Make sure to bookmark our blog page and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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