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See the Future of the Retail Supply Chain at RILA LINK2020

See the Future of the Retail Supply Chain at RILA LINK2020

   Pieter Krynauw

See the Future of the Retail Supply Chain at RILA LINK2020

In the face of relentless e-commerce fulfillment pressures, retail supply chain executives are always looking for new ways to maximize efficiencies and increase ROI. And for most of these business leaders, digital transformation remains a top priority — especially as it relates to their ability to continually improve DC fulfillment capabilities and scale with future growth targets. At the RILA LINK2020 Retail Supply Chain Conference from Feb. 23–26 in Dallas, Honeywell Intelligrated will be exhibiting solutions for helping retail executives achieve their DC Next in booth 1101.

Digital transformation is a key outcome of our DC Next philosophy, which is all about preparing for the future of e-commerce retail  one where consumer expectations, labor shortfalls, rising order volumes and the proliferation of SKUs are forcing many businesses to question their long-term fulfillment strategies. As retail leaders seek to enhance their operational flexibility, speed and performance to stay competitive, we’re providing the tools to help them reach their next productivity benchmarks and profitability milestones.

Preparing for the future will mean an increased integration of advanced warehouse execution systems (WES), labor-enablement and management solutions, automation technologies and robotics. With decades of supply chain experience and a breadth of proven warehouse automation solutions, Honeywell Intelligrated is helping leading retailers make the transition to a more efficient present and a more certain future. 

End-to-end DC control — connect islands of automation to integrate disparate workflows and enable end-to-end control for real-time visibility for decision making, prioritization and warehouse execution.
Future-proof scalability — optimize your existing DC assets and create a connected foundation that allows for continuous expansion of warehouse automation and scales with your evolving business requirements.

Labor productivity — keep pace with e-commerce demands and overcome workforce impediments with labor management tools and connected solutions that deliver much-needed performance improvements and productivity insights.

Real-time asset monitoring — limit downtime, meet daily throughput targets, and maximize the utilization of equipment and labor with visibility to monitor critical processes, view real-time statuses, receive situational alerts, and analyze historical data.

Resource retention strategies — drive productivity, create an engaged workforce, and retain top-performing employees with labor management software (LMS) featuring patented labor optimization algorithms.

Robotics adoption — address your greatest DC labor challenges with leading robotic solutions designed to replace the most undesirable jobs and provide throughput beyond human capabilities.

Join Honeywell Intelligrated at the RILA LINK2020 Retail Supply Chain Conference in Dallas, where our experts will guide you to your next levels of reliability, predictability and profitability. Visit booth 1101 to learn how to accelerate your digital transformation from DC Now to DC Next.

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