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Let Us Be Your Guide to Retail Success at NRF’s Big Show

Let Us Be Your Guide to Retail Success at NRF’s Big Show

   Pieter Krynauw

Let Us Be Your Guide to Retail Success at NRF’s Big Show

Today’s retail landscape is more challenging than ever. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have been thrust into competition with pure-play, e-commerce e-retailers — and consumer expectations for shorter delivery windows are only raising the stakes. According to a recent Elastic Path report, 75% of consumers expect same-day delivery within the next 12 months. 

Most retailers currently lack the order fulfillment capabilities to deliver on these escalating service level agreements (SLAs). While traditional retailers have the advantage of leveraging their physical storefronts — which is especially useful for last-mile delivery, in-store order pick-ups and returns — labor inefficiencies continue to chip away at profits and put in-store customer service at risk. 

These are the very challenges we will be addressing at the upcoming NRF 2020 Big Show, which will take place on Jan. 12–14 at the Javits Center in New York City. Join us in booth #4918, where we’ll be presenting the keys to unlocking e-commerce profitability, labor productivity and overall store performance improvements. By leveraging the insights of labor management software (LMS) with voice-guided technology for retail workflows, we’ll demonstrate how retailers can use these tools to win the race to ever-shorter delivery windows. 

Once in our booth, attendees will learn how GoalPost® Labor Management Software (LMS) from Honeywell Intelligrated can be combined with our Honeywell Voice Guided Work solution for Retail platform to deliver transformative benefits in order fulfillment and  other common retail workflows. Together, these user-friendly tools provide the on-demand intelligence to measure, manage and plan store labor for increased productivity, efficiency and performance. 

Attendees will learn firsthand how to leverage these tools for:

  • “Just-in-time” labor optimization, matching the labor needed to address the volume of work with the available resources and required completion times
  • Increased order fulfillment efficiency, accuracy and predictability
  • Improved customer service levels 
  • Enhanced workforce performance visibility, from shift status down to individual workers

In addition, the booth will feature live product demos of this robust solution in retail scenarios, including:

  • A Honeywell Voice-guided workflow of picking and cycle counting that uses real products delivered to users through a live Android-based Honeywell device 
  • A GoalPost LMS demo reflecting this fulfillment activity data to demonstrate the actionable metrics and resource plans that operators can use to drive additional productivity from the Honeywell Voice solution

Of course, attendees can speak with our fulfillment experts to learn more about how Honeywell Intelligrated backs each installation with comprehensive lifecycle support and best practices to ensure a fast return on investment and continuous improvements throughout the life of the program. 

Join us in New York City for NRF 2020 (booth #4918) to learn more about Honeywell Intelligrated’s GoalPost LMS and Honeywell Voice Guided Work Solution for Retail platforms.

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