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Driving Peak Performance With Smart Palletizing Systems

New Webinar: Driving Peak Performance With Smart Palletizing Systems

Tracy Niehaus

New Webinar: Driving Peak Performance With Smart Palletizing Systems

In manufacturing operations, profitability is directly tied to the amount of product that companies can produce and ship. Facility operators have long relied on automated palletizing equipment as a key component of their end-of-line packaging processes. When palletizers don’t achieve expected throughput levels or downtime halts production, operators risk jeopardizing customer commitments and limiting overall facility production. 

Recent advances in automation technology and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have led to a new generation of smart palletizing equipment. These connected systems offer a host of innovative capabilities, specifically the ability to leverage the power of data and advanced diagnostics to maximize system uptime, drive peak operational performance and ensure proper utilization.

Our next On The Move webinar, “Driving Peak Performance With Smart Palletizing Systems,” will examine the vast potential of these connected systems. This informative webinar will take place on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 2 p.m. EDT, and will be presented by Doug Stoll, palletizing product marketing manager at Honeywell Intelligrated.

Attendees will learn about advancements in palletizing technology and explore the many benefits of connectivity, such as:

  • Implementing a predictive maintenance strategy to increase reliability
  • Uncovering areas of underutilization to drive higher throughput rates
  • Making informed decisions based on historical and real-time insights
  • Adapting to higher order volumes and evolving packaging trends 

Doug will discuss why issues related to palletizer capacity and utilization must be considered at a system level to properly diagnose and correct problems. He will show how an operator’s inability to identify upstream conveyor inefficiencies or other interdependent equipment issues can greatly impact palletizer utilization — and how connected equipment can help expose these productivity blind spots. 

The webinar will focus on the importance of utilizing data to keep pace with increasing order volumes and ever-changing packaging demands. To be most effective, information should be accessible, easy to digest and relevant to current production activities. Palletizing equipment user interfaces should include intuitive, easy-to-navigate instructions for changing loads and patterns, tuning the machine for optimum efficiency, and providing production information and machine status.

Doug will explore strategies for minimizing maintenance costs and limiting both planned and unplanned downtime, and how connecting assets enable a condition-based approach in which data drives maintenance schedules and tasks/activities. In doing so, preventive maintenance schedules can be better automated and dictated by run times instead of pre-determined schedules. 

So, if you’re ready to learn how to leverage data-driven, smart palletizing insights to drive peak manufacturing performance, register here and make plans to join us for this timely webinar.