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Notice something different? Welcome to the new website!

Notice Something Different? Welcome to the New Website!

   Tracy Niehaus

Notice Something Different? Welcome to the New Website!

From acquisitions and new technology to evolving demographics and buying patterns, the material handling industry is changing faster than ever. Honeywell Intelligrated is a part of this progression, with new technology, new corporate backing, and with the launch of our new website, a fresh digital footprint!

The new website features a fresh, clean look that fits our new branding as part of Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions. But as the saying goes, real beauty is more than skin-deep. The site features refreshed and re-organized content, presented in a way to match the needs of contemporary B2B buyers.  And with websites playing a critical role throughout the buyer journey, a strong web presence is crucial, particularly one that is multi-faceted and deep, yet clean and easily navigable.

Opportunity no longer knocks – it taps 
How do we meet buyers on their terms? The first clue lies in the rise of mobile. Not only do 84 percent of millennials cite mobile as a vital component of their work, but older generations follow closely, with 76 percent of Gen Xers and 60 percent of baby boomers hailing the importance of mobile in their work lives. A Boston Consulting Group and Google report digs deeper, offering a look at the nature of this daily mobile usage: buyers use mobile to multitask across screens, work from home or stay productive while commuting and traveling. 

This means an effective web presence is optimized for mobile. Our new design and navigation is easily consumed via mobile, with content elements optimized for simple access from the homepage, along with search functionality and a hamburger button at the top for easy navigation to deeper pages.

Opportunity no longer knocks – it taps

Many ways to find what you’re looking for
As users peel back the layers of the website onion, they expect to find content more precisely targeted to their needs. The site includes two main paths to dig deeper, based on both products and industries. The product path is simple, with dedicated homes for sortation, conveyor, software and more that include both basic product information and featured content like white papers and case studies. 

But not every user comes in pursuing a specific product line. Rather, they’re interested in relevance to their specific industry, like food and beverage  or e-commerce. After all, sophisticated automated systems incorporate a variety of product lines to serve the needs of users. This is reflected with the option to start from an industries page and dig deeper into the variety of automated systems, software and picking technology designed for those industries – complete with related blogs, videos, white papers and case studies, too.

Freshly translated for a global audience
At present, Honeywell Intelligrated operates throughout North and South America, and China. This footprint includes five native languages, necessitating translation from English into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese. Users are automatically served content in certain languages based on the location from which they access the site – giving them web copy, case studies, brochures and white papers all available in their language of choice.  

Freshly translated for a global audience


Easy to connect across channels
But of course, the customer journey doesn’t take place solely on our website. Honeywell Intelligrated remains active on social media channels, and associates are easily accessible via phone for sales (1.866.936.7300) and technical support (1.877.315.3400). We’ll see you on the website and beyond!

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