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Next On The Move webinar to discuss transition from cartons to polybags

transition from cartons to polybags

The explosive growth in e-commerce and the need to reduce shipping costs have changed the packaging methods used to send goods from manufacturers to consumers. From polybags to thin shipping envelopes and bubble packs, today's e-commerce operations have a myriad of packaging options at their disposal. As a result, direct-to-consumer orders are more frequently being shipped in polybags than ever before. In our next On The Move webinar, Tim Kraus, product management manager, will discuss the far-reaching implications of this shift throughout the materials handling industry.

In particular, Kraus will explain how this transition from rigid cartons to polybags is quickly redefining material handling systems, processes and technologies. While these new packaging options offer reduced overall package size and dimensional weight, they present new challenges for material handling systems - especially those originally designed for more rigid packaging types. 

"Goodbye cartons, hello polybags" is the fifth webinar in the On The Move series and will take place on Thursday, July 21 at 2 p.m. EDT. As an expert on the application of conveyor and sortation solutions for the distribution, manufacturing and parcel delivery markets, Kraus will explore the drivers behind the shift from rigid cartons to polybags, explain what exactly is changing and provide strategies to help you make the transition. Attendees can expect Kraus to expound on the following key points: 

  • How the desire to reduce shipping costs is leading to further adoption of polybags
  • Why the pliable nature of polybags creates challenges for traditional material handling systems
  • How singulated systems compare to bulk handling in terms of total fulfillment costs
  • How appropriate system design, material handling equipment and devices can solve these challenges

Kraus will also discuss some of the common challenges of moving polybags through conveyor and sortation systems, including: product damage, shingling, jams, snags, irregular item and label orientation, and side-by-side products. He'll explore the considerations of transitioning existing technologies and material handling equipment to polybags, including: 

  • Can it effectively handle the product?
  • Can it locate the true position of the item?
  • Can it identify the package contents?

By answering these questions, Kraus will ultimately help attendees evaluate whether to optimize their current system or invest in new conveyor and sortation technologies. Register now to join Tim Kraus on Thursday, July 21 at 2 p.m. EDT for our next On The Move webinar.