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Next-Generation Robotics and Automation Solutions at PACK EXPO 2019

Next-Generation Robotics and Automation Solutions at PACK EXPO 2019

   Pieter Krynauw

Next-Generation Robotics and Automation Solutions at PACK EXPO 2019

Honeywell Intelligrated is excited to announce our participation in PACK EXPO, set to take place over September 23–25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center booth #C-3136. This annual event is widely attended by top professionals throughout the consumer-packaged goods industry, particularly those looking for the latest solutions designed to drive cost savings, operational efficiencies and a competitive edge. In fact, most professionals attend this event to get a glimpse of the latest equipment and technologies at full scale and in action.

Some common areas that are often targeted for improvement are end-of-line packaging and distribution operations. Technological innovations are advancing at a rapid pace and giving companies a variety of options to automate these critical functions. 

Examples of these innovations will be on display at our PACK EXPO booth #C-3136, where we’ll be showcasing our live robotic palletizing and depalletizing demo, complete with an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) delivery option — supplied in collaboration with Fetch Robotics — and Honeywell Voice-enabled command and control. This real-world simulation will include advanced diagnostics and predictive failure capabilities to improve throughput rates and uptime. Visit our booth to see the following technologies: 

Palletizing robot — Equipped with a vacuum-enabled, end-of-arm tool, the palletizing robot will detect and pick up cases on the motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyor, and then deposit them onto the pallet conveyor until a load of cases is formed. Once a load is complete, the robot will signal the PLC to transport it down the pallet conveyor.

Pallet conveyor — This standard Honeywell Intelligrated conveyer utilizes a mat-top belt capable of moving pallet or unitized loads from the palletizing robot to the depalletizing robot. The pallet conveyor will communicate with the palletizing and depalletizing robots to determine the movement and receipt of loads. 

Depalletizing robot — The depalletizing robot will pick cases from a load located on the pallet conveyor based on predetermined program setpoints using a vacuum-enabled, end-of-arm tool. Once picked, the depalletizing robot will lower and place each case onto the MDR conveyor at the drop-off point.

Fetch mobile robotics — Fetch AMRs will be integrated to receive cases from the MDR conveyor and deliver them to predetermined locations. Activated by Honeywell Voice commands or a predetermined series of commands, Fetch AMRs will be equipped with an MDR conveyor to transport the cases on or off the robot.

Connected Assets — Access real-time system dashboards and view the components that enable this industrial internet of things (IIoT) infrastructure. Connected Assets continuously accumulate data on system health for real-time statuses, historical data and predictive insights. 

Honeywell Voice — As the industry leader in voice-directed technology, Voice will be used to control various parts of the robotic palletizing demo, including issuing commands to the Fetch robot to bring cases from the MDR conveyor in the palletizing area to a specific location on the floor.

Maintenance and Inspection — Learn how technicians are ensuring compliance of critical tasks while automating the documentation of detailed checklists with this robust Honeywell Voice-directed solution.

TechSight — Step into our interactive demo to explore the potential of augmented reality in your maintenance operations. You’ll simulate the process or working through a live issue with our support team, complete with instructions and AR annotations in your field of view.

So if you’re ready to shorten the distance between DC “now” and DC Next, be sure to visit us at PACK EXPO September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth #C-3136. 

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